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Peace of Mind and Your Child’s Safety

The sole purpose of Baby Gate® Pool Fence is to help prevent child drownings. Baby Gate® provides the strongest and most innovative pool fence system in the industry.

Many experts of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Florida Swimming Pool Association agree that a pool fence, next to adult supervision is the best layer of protection from child drownings.

We will provide you with several web sites along with our information to educate you on keeping your child safe from avoidable peril. Our children are our most precious gift and we should do everything in our power to keep them safe and secure. Knowing they’re safe will greatly improve your peace of mind. Baby Gate® wants to help keep your children safe from the danger of their own backyard pool.



When Only The Best Will Do!

Baby Gate® provides the strongest and most innovative pool fence system in the industry. This statement is backed by our Baby Gate® Pultruded Fiberglass poles and our new patented BabyGate® Quad Lock (US 6,190,082 B1). Baby Gate® research and development has put our system years beyond others. Baby Gate® is the first pool fence system to be franchised, bringing support around the nation. Along with superior quality and support Baby Gate® has a genuine concern for children’s safety.  Baby Gate® Pool Fence is constantly evaluating improvements so our customers can always have the most current products available.



Baby Gate® Quad Lock & Deck Caps

Baby Gate® Research & Development has created a four point lock system that is superior to traditional locking devices used by the industry. Non-metallic construction and two of the four points out of site from children make the Baby Gate® Quad Lock patent the safest in the industry.

Baby Gate® Deck Caps are tapered with three receiving slots to insure that a child can not take it out of the pool deck. Colors available are Grey, White, Tan. BabyGate® Deck Caps are made out of Non Corrosive and Non Conducting material, meeting UL code. Add to your project or order separately for only $1.50 each.


Plus Years

Family Owned

Children’s Safety

About BabyGate®

We are family owned and operated, and we strive to make our products the best for your family as well as our own. Enjoy your family life knowing your child is safe from drowning.

Baby Gate® is here to help save children’s lives. If we only save one that’s enough for us. If the one we save is your own, you would agree.


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